Enjoy the journey.

Life's a journey, so cherish each step. Embrace the unknown, celebrate wins, and learn from detours. Discover your true self along the way.

A good coffee, a good mug.

If you're on the way, you'll love the ZANZI TASA. Do you like to take your tea or coffee with you? Take a good mug with you.


The Trocadero Edition

This limited edition BOTSWANA is the result of close collaboration with the famous restaurants of the TROCADERO GROUP. Get yours before they run out.

Add our
gift box!

Give an Elephant Cruiser

Add our beautiful gift box to your order and send your Elephant Cruiser to whoever you love most.

It is also a great gift for our planet.

Reduce your
plastic footprint

Take care of your best friend.

The multi-use TETI bottle is essential during a trip or going to the beach and without forgetting your best friend.

For your
best friend.

BOTSWANA Scuba (limited edition)

The BOTSWANA Scuba limited edition has a unique design, inspired in the Tanzanian scuba divers.

For super

Keep it really cool.

The sand-coated exterior, together with the most advanced insulation core will keep your drink at the temperature you like for 20 hours.


Robust & beautiful.

Probably the most elegant bottle in the market, it is also an incredibly robust and durable container.

& solid

Make it your own.

Customise your bottle mixing can, lid, handles and much more. Choose the style that goes with you and enjoy the journey in style.


Hydrate all day.

Stay refreshed, energized, and focused while enjoying glowing skin and a strong immune system. Embrace the eco-hydration with Elephant Cruiser.

We have a mission.

At Elephant Cruiser, we're on a mission to save the majestic elephants of Africa. Our passion for wildlife conservation knows no bounds, and we need your help in this critical endeavor.

We have collected

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100% sostenible
Tu bebida 20h fría y 10h caliente
Lávala en el lavavajillas


In Spain and Portugal on purchases from €25.