Human heart, elephant spirit

Elephant Cruiser represents a dynamic and active lifestyle, an extra physical impulse through hydration and emotional through everything that our brand represents, passion, strength and resistance to build a better world.

We want to show what comprehensive well-being really means: care, collectivity and awareness.

That is why our bottles are dynamic, sustainable and reusable, to accompany people in their day to day, whatever it may be.

The change is in our hands

At Elephant Cruiser we believe in the power that the sum of people has, because alone we cannot save an elephant, we cannot change its environment or the system, but all together we can rehabilitate and improve its life.

For this reason, we contribute our grain of sand in the "reconstruction" of a better world, supporting the values of mutual respect and the search for social well-being, because we have a commitment to the people and the environment that surrounds us.

We can't save elephants and their environment without these bottles

We donate 1 euro for each bottle sold to buy milk and medicine for the elephants.

Your donations have already helped many elephants

Long'uro the trunkless elephant

In 2022 we adopted Long'uro, a very special elephant who lost two thirds of his trunk to a hyena. Today he continues to grow strong and healthy within the herd thanks to all your donations.

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In Spain and Portugal on purchases from €25.